About Design Harvest

The power of Choice 
The world we live in is a Choice. 
Sometimes we don't control what life gives us, but we can always decide what to do with what is given to us. 
We chose a world of beautiful things done with care and dedication.

We choose the new that respects tradition. 
We choose the good over the much. 
We choose what last generations. 
We choose natural materials. 
We choose the artist and the craftsman. 
We choose the neighborhood store.

We are not powerless.
We can choose.

We choose products manufactured at a fair price according to European labor and environmental laws. We believe in local fair trade that offers an exclusive and original product. That is why we give geographic exclusivity to our customers and guarantee that there are always special things to sell. We imagine beautiful stores open to customers who transform the world from the neighbourhood. Design Harvest develops and selects products for a world that can exist now.
The Design Harvest platform is at the service of entrepreneurs and retailers who share and want to realize this Vision.

A Sustainble Good Design

B2B platform

We search for original and exclusive products, designed and conceived with Good Design in mind.
Good Design cannot only be beautiful and functional, it must mirror ethical choices in the way it is done and have a deep respect for life and the planet.
The Design Harvest team prepared a B2B platform where its possible to buy products to sell in stores dedicated to Sustainable Lifestyle. 
Good Design is Systemic
This is the keystone principle. People, space and the surrounding environment form a complex system, an integral unit - the inhabited space. The properties of the parts are defined by the whole in which they are inserted. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
We feel and think that it is time to practice a systemic vision of Design, a perspective that integrates ecological, ethical and aesthetic principles. For us, Design is a co-creative tripod that integrates the Designer, the Person and the Environment.
'Too Good'  
Good Design Certificate 
The Design Harvest team has accumulated experience and know-how in the development of ecological and sustainable products. We offer a product design, development or adaptation service according to the principles of Sustainable Good Design. 
With Too Good certificate, products can be part of the Design Harvest platform and be promoted by us and the manufacturer can use the Too Good Stamp in their product catalogs.
Visit Design Harvest HQ
in Portugal.
The Design Harvest Headquarters are in Portugal. 
We are inspired by the Slow Life of Europe's Southwest Coast. 
We love doing business with contact and physical proximity. We are delighted to invite you to discover our origins. 
See the cultural agenda at our headquarters. We have annual events where we celebrate The Power of Choice, with the launch of new products and concepts, slow food, debates and workshops. Visit the show-room at the headquarters, participate in the scheduled events and discover the places that inspire us and where the products are made. A new way of doing business.