Good Design is Systemic

This is the keystone principle. People, space and the surrounding environment form a complex system, an integral unit - the inhabited space. The properties of the parts are defined by the whole in which they are inserted. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Good Design is Sustainable.

Good design takes care of the relationship between the economy, the people and the planet, ensuring that the needs of the present generation do not compromise the needs of future generation.


Good Design is Timeless

Good design seeks to be timeless. Understands fashion and trends to transcend them. Uses durable materials that can be repaired and maintained.


Good Design is True.

Good design does not hide the essence of materials. The inhabited space must translate the truth of the its inhabitants. Space and objects must be authentic.


Good Design is Transdisciplinary

Since inhabited space is a complex system, it needs to be thought across, bringing together various discuplines working in an articulated way to integrate the best solutions.


Good Design is Inclusive.

Intuitive, self explanatory, ergonomic and affordable. When designing for a group or society, good design seeks to ensure that no one is excluded from their use or enjoyment of space or objects.


Good Design is Liberator.

The inhabited space must seek to express the potencial of human nature. The inhabited space must translate the best of us and therefore requires deep understanding of the person, family or group. The design project is dedicated to the receiver.


Good Design is Simple.

Simple does not always imply that less is more, sometimes less is just less. Simple is to subtract the useless and add the important.


Good Design is Imperfect.

Good design works with the asymmetry and the naive integrity of the materials and natural tones. It accepts impermanence, natural decay and humanity reflected in objects and spaces.


Good Design is Meticulous.

Good design is demanding, it values the detail and the beauty of the small things.